Computer Dictionary

The purpose of this Computer Dictionary is to provide a meaningful definition of the important computer and telecommunications words, phrases, buzzwords, and technical terms used in the world of computers and the Internet. While this document is comprehensive, it does not contain every definition possible. The level should be adequate to provide an explanation of the technology with minimum use of technical terms, and is thus directed towards the lay person. In the last 100 years, we have seen the extraordinary acceleration of the development of technology. This era has spawned the invention of countless information-based products and allowed us to contact people worldwide, regardless of time and location. The quantity of information available to us is without bounds. However, this need for technology has created the need for a computer-literate workforce. It is the hope that this document will provide the basic knowledge for rural Texans to begin the path towards computer literacy and understanding.
This document is a part of the effort to provide technical assistance, training, materials, and resources to enable rural communities and Texans to move into the Digital Age through the use of technology, computers, high-speed broadband communications, and the Internet. It is the larger goal that rural Texas communities should have access to all of the available resources and information on technology and telecommunications. Thus, it is the anticipated outcome that through this assistance and provided resources, rural Texas communities will develop their capacity to fully utilize technology and telecommunications.



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