Bass Guitar For Dummies - Ebook

Bass Guitar For Dummies 
Patrick Pfeiffer, Will Lee (Foreword by) 
ISBN:           978-0-7645-2487-5
Pages:         360 pages
Realeased: July 2003

Size:            3 MB 

Shake the earth with deep, sonorous vibrations. Be the force that relentlessly drives the music. Rumble like the ominous thunder of an approaching storm. For you, it's not enough just to be heard; you need to be felt, too. You need to play bass guitar. 

Imagine your favorite music without bass. It doesn't work, does it? The bass is the heartbeat of the music, the foundation of the groove, and the glue that holds together all the different instruments. You can feel the vibrations of the low notes – sometimes subtle and caressing, sometimes literally earthshaking – as they propel the song. The bass is the heart. So leave center stage to the other musicians – you have more important work to do. The limelight may be cool, but bassists rule! 

You can find everything you need to dominate the bass in Bass Guitar For Dummies – whether you're a beginner picking up a bass for the first time or an experienced player looking for way to improve. And you won't drown in complicated music theory, either; this easy-to-understand reference gives you just enough music theory to get you on your way. 

Bass Guitar For Dummies includes the following topics and more: 
Exploring the anatomy of a bass guitar 
Getting started: Holding your bass, positioning your hands, and striking notes 
Reading bass notation and understanding chords, scales, and octaves 
Creating a groove and playing solos and fills 
Examining different bass-playing styles, from rock and funk to blues and reggae 
Caring for your bass: Cleaning, changing strings, and so on 
Buying your own bass and accessories 
Top Ten lists on bassists you should know about 

Bass Guitar For Dummies also comes with a CD that includes audio clips of all the examples in the book. 

So put away the air bass guitar and get yourself the real thing. With the help of Bass Guitar For Dummies, you'll be groovin' in your own band in no time!

Table Of Contents:


Part I: The World According to Bass. 
Chapter 1: Bass Bass-ics: What Is the Meaning of Bass? 
Chapter 2: Getting the Tools and Skills to Play. 
Chapter 3: Reading, ’Riting, and Rhythm. 

Part II: The Bass-ics of Playing. 
Chapter 4: Warming Up: Getting Your Hands in Shape to Play. 
Chapter 5: Understanding Major and Minor Structures. 

Part III: Making the Moves, Creating the Grooves. 
Chapter 6: Expanding the Range: Going for the Second Octave. 
Chapter 7: Creating the Groove. 
Chapter 8: Going Solo: Playing Solos and Fills. 

Part IV: Using the Correct Accompaniment for Each Style. 
Chapter 9: Rock On! Getting Down with the Rock Styles. 
Chapter 10: Swing It! Playing Styles That Rely on the Triplet Feel. 
Chapter 11: Making It Funky: Playing Hardcore Bass Grooves. 
Chapter 12: Sampling International Flavors: Bass Styles from Around the World. 
Chapter 13: Playing in Odd Meters: Not Strange, Just Not the Norm. 

Part V: Taking Care of the One You Love: TLC for Your Bass Guitar. 
Chapter 14: Changing the Strings on Your Bass Guitar. 
Chapter 15: Keeping Your Bass in Shape: Maintenance and Light Repair. 

Part VI: A Buyer’s Guide: The Where and How of Buying a Bass. 
Chapter 16: Love of a Lifetime or One-Night Stand?: Buying the Right Bass. 
Chapter 17: Getting the Right Gear for Your Bass Guitar. 

Part VII: The Part of Tens. 
Chapter 18: Ten Innovative Bassists You Should Know. 
Chapter 19: Ten Great Rhythm Sections (Bassists and Drummers). 

Part VIII: Appendixes. 
Appendix A: How to Use the CD. 
Appendix B: Really Useful Pages. 


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