Excel 2007 Workbook For Dummies Sep 2007 - ebook

Title of ebook: Excel 2007 For Dummies 
ISBN: 9780470107539
parent-ISBN: 9780470037379
Publisher: For Dummies
Internet download file size: 15838 kb
Pages: 384
Published: 01-2007 
Released online for download: 01-06-2007
Author of eBook: Harvey PhD, Greg

eBOOK Description:

Confused by Excel? Want to make the most of its capabilities? No worries - this hands-on workbook gets you up to speed in a step-by-step manner. From navigating the new user interface and creating your first spreadsheet to using formulas, working with charts and graphics, managing and securing data, and creating macros, you'll do it all with the help of practice files and more than 30 walk-throughs of Excel features on the CD-ROM. Plus, you get full coverage of all the new and enhanced features of Excel 2007!

See how to
-Set up, format, and edit basic spreadsheets
-Manage and secure your Excel data
-Create formulas and functions for finance, date and time, math, text, and more
-Master data analysis with pivot tables
-Save and share your spreadsheet data
-Quick refresher explanations
-Step-by-step procedures
-Hands-on practice exercises
-Tear-out Cheat Sheet
-A dash of humor and fun

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