Visual Basic 2005 For Dummies - Ebook

Author(s): Bill Sempf  
Publisher: Wiley
Year: Nov 2005
ISBN: 076457728X
Language: English
Pages: 362
File type: PDF

Size (for download): 5.3 MB    

Welcome to the new version of Visual Basic for 2005. As its name implies, Visual Basic is a visual way to create new programs for the Micro$oft Windows family of operating systems.

And though it is basic in many ways, the Visual Basic language is also very powerful. You can create new class libraries and XML Web services, as well as programs that you can use on your PC or your Web browser, or even your phone or PDA. Anything that can be done in Windows can be done in Visual Basic.

Programming in Visual Basic is easier than you might think, thanks to the visual tools supplied by Visual Studio. You donít have to type line after line of code to create a working program ó Visual Studio automatically generates some code for you when you drag and drop components with the visual tools. Of course, being able to read and write code is important too, and this book provides plenty of code samples so you can understand the inner workings of your programs.

This book also shows you some best practices to keep in mind as you get further along in your programming. Your first programs may be very simple, but when you start getting into more complicated applications, you really need to plan out your program before you start writing the code.


Chapter 01 - Wading into Visual Basic
Chapter 02 - Using Visual Studio 2005
Chapter 03 - Designing Applications in VB 2005
Chapter 04 - Building Windows Applications
Chapter 05 - Building Web Applications
Chapter 06 - Building Class Libraries
Chapter 07 - Building Web Services
Chapter 08 - Debugging in VB 2005
Chapter 09 - Interpreting Strings and Things
Chapter 10 - Making Decisions in Code
Chapter 11 - Getting Loopy
Chapter 12 - Reusing Code
Chapter 13 - Making Arguments, Earning Returns
Chapter 14 - Writing Secure Code
Chapter 15 - Accessing Data
Chapter 16 - Working with the File System
Chapter 17 - Accessing the Internet
Chapter 18 - Creating Images
Chapter 19 - Ten Tips for Using the VB User Interface
Chapter 20 - Ten Ideas for Taking Your Next Programming Step
Chapter 21 - Ten Resources on the Internet



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